• 1kb DNA Ladder

Storage Condition

Store at 4℃ for 6 months, and for long-term storage, store at -20℃ .



1kb DNA Ladder is a pre-mixed, ready-to-load molecular weight marker containing tracking dye. The DNA ladder contains 13 bands: 250 bp, 500 bp, 750 bp, 1000 bp, 1500 bp, 2000 bp, 2500 bp, 3000 bp, 4000 bp, 5000 bp, 6000 bp, 8000 bp, 12000 bp. In 5 μl of the product the content of 1500 bp and 4000 bp bands is about 80 ng, and the content of other bands is about 30 ng.
The product can be stably stored at room temperature during normal use without degradation and dispersion. In addition, the DNA bands are sharp, the background is clear, and bands have uniform brightness.


1. The product is a pre-mixed, ready-to-load molecular weight marker containing tracking dye.

2. Recommended gel percentage range: 0.7~0.8% TAE agarose, The concentration of the agarose gel should not above 1%. A higher percentage agarose gel will help resolve small bands. TBE is not suitable for this DNA ladder.

3. When using an agarose gel containing Safe Red DNA Stain for electrophoresis detection, the bromophenol blue bands should be electrophoresed to a distance of about 2/3 of the gel length.


1. We recommend loading 5 μl of 1kb DNA Ladder per gel lane (Adjust the sample volume according to the width of combs).

2. Recommended gel percentage range: 0.7~1% TAE agarose (REF: 201002S), and electrophoresis at 5~10 V/cm, using 1× TAE buffer. It is important to use freshly prepared gel & buffer.

3. Stain the gel with Safe Red DNA Stain (REF: CP18106S) or other nucleic acid stains, then observe the electrophoresis bands under UV light.

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1kb DNA Ladder

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